Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 15th - 18th

Please take a look below at our final written Procedural piece, on How to blow a bubble. Yes, students were allowed to chew gum at school and were told to please blow a bubble! Then students were given the task of describing how they did so, in a procedural format.

Last week we began our poetry unit and students explored Sensory poems in which they learned to describe things based on their 5 senses in a poetry format. Students will be exploring Emotion poems this week, now describing things/situations based on the emotions they experience. In our unit we have also been reading various poems by authors such as Shel Silverstein and his poem Sick.

This week in math we will begin our study on Probability and students will be exploring the likelihood of an event. We will be using language such as possible, impossible, likely and so on.

Please note that this Friday is a PA Day and there will be no spelling test this week as it is a short week.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

First week of May!

It's hard to believe we are beginning the final two months of the year! I cannot express just how much I have loved teaching every one of the children in this class!

Hopefully your child has come home and told you about our Lorax week in celebration of Earth week, where we read the Lorax by Dr. Seuss and compared the book to the movie as well as discussed many of the messages and cause/effect relationships to the story. We also discussed ways we can be better stewards of our environment. Students brought home a Lorax pot with a pea seed in it as a connection to the Let it Grow song in the movie.

We are now studying procedural writing and students have identified the features of a procedural text. We have read how to books in small groups and will continue this reading this week. We are also going to have some fun writing about how to blow a bubble with bubble gum this week!
Please look for spelling words to come home Monday with our test on Friday like usual.

In Math we are finishing our study on division then will be reviewing concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division this week.

Please note Art Expo is this Wednesday night. Please come and view some of the fantastic art the school will have on display that night. In addition, the Nottawa band will be playing!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday April 12

Swimming today!
We are looking forward to another great trip to the YMCA for some swim lessons.

Tomorrow we will be colouring eggs and students are encouraged to bring in a couple of hard boiled eggs for this craft.
We will also be having a quiz on adding and subtracting of two-digit numbers tomorrow. See the handout below that was our review from yesterday.


Our class and Ms. Theyers's class is in charge of April's Optimism assembly at the end of the month. We have been practicing a song we will be presenting!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday April 3rd

Students should come to school wearing their bathing suit and bring a towel in a plastic bag for their wet suit. Pizza will be arriving first break so students can eat that before they swim and then they will bring their lunch with them for a snack at the YMCA.

In Language we are finishing up our animal projects and these will be due on Friday. Students have been expected to write about what the animal looks like, eats, their habitat and facts about the animal.

In Math we have been learning how to add and subtract 2-digit with 2-digit numbers. Please review these concepts with your child daily.

Chicken fundraiser orders are due April 18th.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday March 27th

It is already the last week of March! We are excited for the warmer weather as well as many sunny days ahead!
In Language we have a new list of spelling words for the week. We also read the story A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon and have been making connections to this story.

We continue to work on our Non-fiction animal research and will be putting together our posters this week. Posters will be due next week.
In Math we are working on 2-digit addition. Today we learn about regrouping when adding numbers. Here is a video to help:
A few things to remember: swimming forms are due any time, Scholastic orders are due Friday if you are interested and Friday is also Rock your Socks day (wear crazy socks) and our Integrity assembly. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday March 6

Today we learned about how to use commas in a series, or in a list. We looked at what can happen to the meaning of a sentence when there are commas missing. We used macaroni to mark commas in our sentences today:

In Math, we learned about symmetry and practiced drawing images across a line of symmetry.

Friday we are having a March break celebration party. The following families are encouraged to bring in a snack if they are interested or able to:

March Break celebration: Blake, William, Ethan, Rachael

Easter: Jackson, Zach, Maddy
End of Year celebration: Taylor, Bryce, Hanna, Matt

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1st

Today in Language we researched facts on Snakes and then as a class took our jot notes and wrote a paragraph about what we had learned. Students have been collecting jot notes about their own animal and are now going to be writing their own paragraphs about what they have learned.
The success criteria include: using a heading, and using our jot notes to write our details sentences. These paragraphs will be put on our posters about our animal next week. Here is an example of what we did together:

In Math today, we deconstructed 2D and 3D shapes. For example we talked about how a square based pyramid can be made by using a square and 4 triangles. In addition, students created a picture using pattern blocks then reported the shapes used to create that picture. To prepare for next week's test, please encourage your child to use Mathletics as a tool for review. 

In Visual Art today, we began our Barbara Reid inspired pictures. Thank you for sending in the CD cases.